Black Friday Email Marketing: Strategies and Templates That Will Have Your Customers Hooked.

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11 Black Friday Email Marketing Strategies, Tips, and Examples 

Prepare to dominate this Black Friday Cyber Monday! In a time of fierce competition, we’ve curated the ultimate marketing strategies, email tips, and real examples from our agency to not only attract new customers but also keep them coming back for more. 

Here are the best Black Friday marketing strategies and email examples:

1. Pre-launch Black Friday marketing campaigns 

The first step to take is to re-engage your list; it is much easier to sell to existing and loyal customers than it is to new ones. 

Black Friday sales are a great time to get engagement from your list, and you want them to open your emails, read them, and get them to reply. 

Sharing Black Friday teasers is a clever tactic to build anticipation for your Black Friday deals and also get engagement. 

Offer them early bird special deals or early access to deals, and this will have your customers hyped up and primed for your Black Friday deals, increasing engagement. 

For example, this black Friday email from one of our clients,  Boho Beach Hut, promotes their Early Bird Black Friday access by doubling their discounts, which is perfect for building curiosity and anticipation for their Black Friday sale. 

2. Share Black Friday sneak peeks and exclusive preview  

Share sneak peeks of your upcoming Black Friday deals. 

You can send a sneak peek of a product launch or upcoming exclusive deals on a few selected best-selling products to get your customers aware of the amazing deals that await them. 

This strategy will build anticipation in your customers, driving traffic for your Black Friday sales. 

Here’s an example by Nextbelt

3. Update your pre-existing flows with great copy

Revamp your flows to be Black Friday oriented, and make sure to use persuasive copywriting in all your email series. 

Good copy can have a massive impact on your sales. The better the email copy, the higher the open rates and click-through rates and the higher the conversion rates.

A good copy increases the chances of your customers making a purchase. 

You want to focus on crafting an attention-grabbing subject line and a compelling black friday offer and also include the fear of missing out (FOMO) so your customers will make sure not to miss out.

A good example is LOOKEE Tech’s black Friday email.

Subject line: ⭐BLACK FRIDAY: Final hours!⭐ 

Preview text: Up to 40% OFF ends tonight!

The subject line, “🌟Black Friday: Final hours!🌟,” grabs the reader’s attention as it includes emojis.

It also creates a sense of urgency, which persuades them to click open the email to see what’s inside.

Also, the preview text, “Up to 40% OFF ends tonight!” piques the reader’s interest with a discount and creates FOMO. 

The body of the email includes an attractive offer to be grabbed in a few hours. This creates a sense of urgency and compels them to take action.

LOOKEE TECH’s Black Friday email is a perfect example of a persuasive Black Friday email copy that grabs attention, piques interest, and creates a fear of missing out, increasing their chances of making a sale.


  • Have a clear offer.
  • Build desire
  • Include a sense of urgency or scarcity
  • Keep It simple and direct 

4. Build your Black Friday email list

Your email list is one of the most important assets that can make or break your Black Friday sales. 

Having an email list helps you target customers who are most interested in your offers and are more likely to purchase.

Implementing strategies to grow and nurture your list will enable you to engage your most loyal customers, build anticipation, and increase black Friday success. 

Expand your email list by launching a black Friday marketing campaign weeks ahead of your black Friday sale, and create a signup form, such as a popup form on your homepage or landing page, and incentivize it by offering a discount on their first purchase or access to an exclusive black friday deal, to compel your customers to sign up.

For inspiration, this black Friday popup from a clothing brand, wodbottom, is a great example. 


  • Use a headline that calls out the benefit of signing up to join your list.
  • Use high-quality visuals to make your popup more inviting.
  • Include a clear call to action that’s bold and stands out.

5. Personalize your Black Friday marketing campaigns

Black Friday marketing is competitive, and consumers are bombarded with a ton of deals and promotions. 

In this highly competitive market, the role of personalization in black Friday marketing campaigns cannot be overstated. 

Personalizing your approach to meet the preferences of your customers can be the key to standing out in the crowd and achieving Black Friday success.

Grab your customers’ attention by including their names in your email subject line and body. 

Consider adding emojis to your subject lines to stand out in your customers’ inboxes, and ensure to send black Friday campaigns to a segmented email list. 

This way, you are sure to send emails that grab attention and resonate with your customers, increasing open rates, engagement, and conversion rates.

Here are 10 Black Friday Personalized Subject Lines with Emojis you can use.

  1. Hey {First Name}! Exclusive Black Friday Deals Just For You! 🤑
  1. Your Black Friday Wishlist: Get Ready to Save {First Name}! 💃🏽
  1. Unlock Your Personalized Black Friday Deals 🔥
  1. Don’t Miss out, {First Name} – Your Black Friday Discounts Inside! 
  1. {First Name}, Your VIP Access to Our Private Black Friday Deals Starts Now! ⏰
  1. Calling All Shoppers: Black Friday Specials for {First Name} 
  1. ⏰ 24hrs to go {First Name} – Here’s Your Black Friday Special Coupon Code
  1. 📢 Get Black Friday 50% off Sitewide before the clock strikes midnight! 
  1. Black Friday is here {First Name}: Get 20% off all your favorites ❤️
  1. 🔥 Early Black Friday Access – Buy One Get One FREE! 

6. Design eye-catching email templates

It is imperative to design eye-catching emails that grab your customers’ attention and make your black Friday offers irresistible.

An eye-catching email design can make the difference between your email being opened or discarded.

Here are Black Friday email design tips to make your emails stand out.

  • Use a clean and uncluttered layout: 

Keep your email layout clean and organized, and use a simple layout that presents your message in an easily digestible manner. 

  • Use compelling images:

Use high-quality and captivating visuals that showcase your Black Friday products or offers. 

  • Font size, color, and logos: 

Be consistent with your brand’s color, fonts, and logos.

If you don’t know the best font to use for your emails, Arial, Verdana, and Georgia are among the best fonts to use for emails. 

  • Clear call to action (CTAs):

Use eye-catching buttons or texts for CTAs, and ensure to use colors that stand out. Make it clear on what action you want your customer to take. 

  • White space: 

Utilize white space strategically to guide your customer’s attention and create a visually appealing, balanced design. 

Making your email design jam-packed will disrupt your customer’s attention, so always remember to keep it simple. 

  • Limited use of text: 

Avoid overwhelming your customers with lengthy paragraphs. Use concise, persuasive text that complements the visuals. 

  • Interactive elements: 

Incorporate interactive elements, such as image carousels and gifs, to engage your customers and make the email more dynamic. 

  • Responsive design: 

Ensure your design is responsive. It should look good and function well on various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. 

  • Email template and file size: 

It’s important to use the right email template and file size to ensure that your texts display correctly. 

The ideal template size is 600px wide and 1500px high, with a file size of 102kb. 

7. Offer free shipping and spending rewards 

Offering free shipping and spending rewards is a winning combination for a Black Friday marketing success.

Attract customers with compelling incentives like free shipping and spending rewards. This will motivate them to spend more and return for future purchases.

You can give your customers a discount on their favorite product or offer them free shipping as they spend more. For instance, you can give them free shipping for purchasing products over $150, or you can offer both discounts and free shipping for a limited time.

This way, your black Friday offer becomes irresistible, and your Customers will appreciate the savings from free shipping and the rewards they receive. 

These strategies will enhance the shopping experience, increase your customer satisfaction, and drive customer loyalty, leading to repeated purchases and long-term customer relationships.

The black friday email from our client, Centenarius Nutrition is a perfect example.


If you are a small business owner, you don’t want to go heavy on discounts, as deep discounts generally attract low-value customers who will get more than enough from you during your Black Friday sale.  

So, instead of going heavy on discounts, you can use little discounts or focus more on creating a sense of urgency and FOMO while offering free shipping and spending rewards.

8. Leverage limited-time offers

Utilizing limited-time offers will maximize your Black Friday marketing success and create a sense of urgency, encouraging your customers to take immediate action. 

To do this, use countdown timers to communicate the limited duration of your black Friday deals, and you can also add scarcity, like limited stock available (Optional), to create FOMO.

Here’s an example by our client Oil Works:

9. Launch a loyalty program

Entice first-time and existing shoppers and turn them into loyal customers with loyalty programs.  

Go beyond coupon codes and offer them loyalty points,  gifts, or rewards upon purchases made on Black Friday.  

Give your customers something meaningful and phenomenal, like tickets to a runaway show, tickets to a store event, branded merchandise, or a free additional item like a buy one, get one free (BOGO) deal. 

Loyalty programs are a great Black Friday marketing strategy for small businesses.

It is also great for retaining customers and will give your Black Friday marketing strategy a boost. 

10. Extend your Black Friday sales

Your black Friday sales don’t have to end with Cyber Monday sales. You can run a last-chance black Friday sale to appeal to late-time shoppers.

Extending Black Friday sales is a strategic move to convert late-time shoppers, maximize revenue, and reduce shopping stress, like hidden costs, as these are some of the reasons why customers abandon their carts.

Convert late shoppers by creating a sense of urgency with your black Friday offers, making your last-chance trigger rules more aggressive.

For example, if your abandoned cart flow or your black friday email has been set to a countdown timer of 14 hours during the rest of the year, you can adjust it to 5 hours.

By communicating clearly, offering exclusive deals, and creating a personalized shopping experience, you can effectively convert late-time shoppers and keep the black Friday momentum going well into the early hours of Cyber Monday morning or the day after.

11. Retain customers with post-purchase flows

Black Friday sales might be an easy way to drive sales revenue over the holiday, but it can be challenging when it comes to retaining the new customers you acquire.

During this holiday shopping season, customers are basically looking out for the best deals, resulting in impulsive buying driven by the allure of steep discounts. 

Customers might not have a strong attachment to your brand, and the risk of you losing them after the Black Friday frenzy increases.

With a well-executed post-purchase flow, you can retain customers after they’ve purchased. When used effectively, you can extend the customer journey well beyond the Black Friday sale, thereby increasing LTV.

If you already have a post-purchase email series set, try reviewing it from a customer’s perspective, not just a regular new customer, but from the eyes of notoriously deal-hungry shoppers.

Ask yourself if your post-purchase flow does this series:

  • Express gratitude, thanking them for shopping.
  • Request for feedback about their shopping experience
  • Share informative content about the purchased product to keep them engaged
  • Entice them with personalized exclusive offers
  • Cross-Sell and upsell
  • Have accessible and responsive customer support

If your post-purchase flow does not do any of these, now is the time to make some improvements to your post-Black Friday email marketing campaign.

Free Black Friday email marketing templates pdf download

We have successfully put together email marketing templates to help you create effective Black Friday email marketing campaigns.