10 Black Friday Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2023

We all know that black Friday is a seasonal shopping event that gives businesses the opportunity to rake in profits and attract new customers. 

Email marketing is one of the most important channels that businesses use to execute their BFCM marketing strategies.

As the countdown to the biggest shopping season of 2023 is quickly ticking by, businesses are planning to get in on the action. 

But in the cause of this, far too many brands make costly missteps that derail their marketing efforts.

In this article, we will explore the most significant black Friday email marketing mistakes you need to avoid to ensure you have a thriving black Friday marketing.

10 Biggest Black Friday Email Marketing Mistakes Businesses Must Avoid  

1. Neglecting mobile optimization

Most individuals usually check their emails on their mobile devices. In fact, nearly 1.7 billion users check emails on their mobile phones, therefore failing to optimize emails for mobile can be a costly mistake, resulting in reduced engagement, lower conversion rates, and higher unsubscribe rates.

Email Marketing platforms like Klaviyo, allow businesses to preview how their emails will be seen in desktop and mobiles. Don’t forget to always preview how your email will look in different electronic devices. 

2. Overloading with content

While emails can convey a lot of information, overloading your emails with content can overwhelm your customers and disrupt their attention. 

Your black Friday messages can get lost in the noise when emails are overloaded with content, making it challenging to communicate your offers effectively. 

You want to keep your emails clear and concise so your customers can easily read and understand your messages and take action.

3. Sending generic emails

Sending generic emails to your customers makes your emails less engaging compared to emails that are tailored to your customer’s preferences and behaviors. 

Use personalization, such as your customer’s first name and preferences, to make your emails more relevant and engaging. 

4. Poorly crafted subject lines:

Your black friday subject line is the first thing your customer sees in their email inbox, and many other brands are sending them a ton of black Friday emails. 

During this time of the year, using generic subject lines will only reduce your chances of getting your email noticed and getting it opened. 

You need to get creative with your subject lines to make sure yours don’t sound like every other black Friday email subject line out there. 

Personalize your subject lines, include emojis, and use compelling preview texts to get them to open your emails.

Don’t go using generic black Friday subject lines like:

  • Mother Denim: BLACK FRIDAY: TOP 10 
  • Ted Baker – Final, final call to shop Black Friday 
  • KEEN – Black Friday’s Almost Over 
  • LuluLemon – Btw, our bestsellers are on Black Friday 
  • Carolina Herrera – Black Friday is live!
  • Bellroy – Don’t miss It! 

Generic subject lines like these may not do the trick. 

Black Friday marketing competition is fierce, so you want to make sure to stand out. 

Here are a few compelling Black Friday subject lines we like: 

  • IKEA – {FirstName}, escape the Black Friday chaos
  • WOW, Skin Science – Early Access on Black Friday Sale 😍
  • Quip – 🦷 Save up to 50% off for Black Friday! 
  • Zumba Fitness – ⚠️ Black Friday Mystery Offer – FINAL WEEK ⚠️
  • Fashion Nova – Pre-Black Friday Deals 🤑 Starting At $8
  • Culture Kings – BLACK FRIDAY DROPS NOW LIVE! ⏰ Blink & you’ll miss it 💨
  • Qatar Airways – {First Name}, our Black Friday offers are here. 
  • Merrell – SECRET Black Friday Sale… Only For VIP 🎁

Most brands are going to write the usual black Friday subject lines with urgency, discounts, BOGO offers, and limited stock, which is fine. 

But your goal should be to spark curiosity in your customers and entice them to open your email.

Do the unusual, be different,  but ensure your subject lines accurately represent your email’s content.  

5. Ignoring data analysis:

Data is the goldmine for email marketing. Neglecting to analyze data on open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and conversion rates means missed opportunities for improvements and optimization.

By analyzing data from your black Friday email marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to evaluate how well your email campaigns perform. This way, you can send better emails.

However, the advent of increased privacy measures from ESP providers, like Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), has made tracking email performance challenging. 

With MPP, open rates can no longer be tracked accurately, and identifying click-through rates becomes more challenging. 

Here are three strategies to navigate the challenges of Mail Privacy Protection: 

  1. Diversify tracking methods: Use various tracking methods, such as Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters, to track the effectiveness of your Black Friday email marketing campaigns and to supplement data collection. 
  1. Leverage segmentation: With Sinch Email on Acid, you can find out which of your subscribers are using Apple’s MPP. This way, you can segment those subscribers, allowing you to examine their metrics separately, making it easier for you to identify open rates and click-through rates.
  1. Stay informed: Stay updated on privacy measures and their implications as they continue to evolve. 

6. Sending emails without segmenting

Sending the same email to your entire list without segmenting is a common mistake that can hinder your black Friday marketing success.

Not segmenting your black Friday emails before sending them will lead to disengagement, resulting in lower open, click-through, and conversion rates and possibly high unsubscribe rates.

Customers have diverse interests and you want to make sure to send them relevant Black Friday emails. 

Leverage online quiz signup forms to gather zero-party data so you know their demographics, locations, and the kinds of products they’re interested in. 

This way, you can send black Friday promotional emails they’ll love to receive at the right time. 

7. Sending too many emails 

Sending too many emails at a go can overwhelm your customers and lead to unsubscribes. 

You should be sending multiple black Friday emails spaced out over a few weeks into Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend. 

You can send a Five black Friday email sequence with time intervals for each email. 

For instance, here’s a black friday email sequence you can use 

Email 1 – Share teasers to create awareness and spark curiosity

{Black Friday sales announcement sent a week before Black  Friday} 

Email 2 – Raise Interest 

{Countdown to Black Friday sent just before black Friday} 

Email 3 – Build desire 

{Black Friday offer sent in the early hours of Black Friday) 

Email 4 – Initiate Action 

{Send Countdown to the end of black Friday sales to create urgency} 

Email 5 – Sell more 

{Extend black Friday sales with last-chance reminders so late shoppers can opt in}

Top view of business man in corporate office sitting at desk, typing on laptop, working on financial statistics and business strategy. Entrepreneur using touchepad scrolling through documents.

8. Unclear Call To Action (CTA)

Your black Friday email should have a clear, prominent CTA that guides recipients on what action to take next.

Use languages that tell your customers what to expect, like “Shop Black Friday Now” or “Get 50% Off”. 

The visual design of your CTA also matters, making it stand out from the rest of your email content. Use contrasting colors and consider the size, shape, and style of the button. 

Also, ensure that your CTA is prominently placed within your email. Customers should not have to scroll or search for it; it should be one of the first things they see. 

9. Ignoring abandoned cart emails 

A lot of black Friday shoppers fill their carts and don’t complete their purchases. 

Every abandoned cart represents a potential sale left on the table and a possible long-term buyer. 

Ignoring these abandoned carts can be a missed opportunity for you to drive sales and retain customers. 

Here’s how to leverage abandoned cart emails for Black Friday marketing success

  • Set up automated email triggers to be sent shortly after a cart is abandoned. Timing is crucial, and these black Friday emails should remind customers while the products are still fresh in their minds.
  • Tailor the email content to the specific abandoned items. Include product images, names, and prices to remind customers what they left behind.
  • Incorporate time-sensitive offers in your abandoned cart emails. Let customers know that the items are in high demand and that the deals will only last for a while.
  • The email should contain a prominent call to action that leads customers back to their abandoned carts. Make it easy for them to resume the purchase process.
  • Don’t hesitate to send a series of abandoned cart emails, especially during the Black Friday period. The first email can serve as a gentle reminder, with subsequent emails increasing the urgency of completing the purchase.

10. Not testing Black Friday email campaigns 

A/B testing is a powerful tool when it comes to email marketing.

However, when it comes to fierce competition in Black Friday marketing, A/B testing can be a double-edged sword. 

A/B testing allows you to test different variables in your email campaigns, such as subject lines, content, visuals, and CTAs, to see what campaign performs better. 

By identifying what resonates better with your audience, you can optimize your Black Friday email campaigns for better results. 

In conclusion, staying clear of all these mistakes, will help you you can ensure that your Black Friday email marketing campaigns are well-optimized, delivering the results you desire. 

Looking for expert guidance, creative strategies, or simply a helping hand to make your Black Friday email marketing campaigns a success?