African Fly

Ayers Naturals is an eCommerce store that sells all-natural liquid tinctures, their most significant product being an all-natural liquid aphrodisiac called African fly.

The Problem

This brand’s product is awesome, and their marketing strategy was NOT doing it justice. Enter WeClick!

The Breakdown

Prior to implementing optimizing strategies for them, we did our research. Here’s what we found:

They did not have a pop-up dialed in.
Their open rate was very low.
They weren’t emailing their list enough.
This list was not correctly segmented.
They had limited channels to nurture their audience.

The Solution

We got right to work strategizing, devising, and fixing the problem areas. Here’s some of the responsibilities we took off their plate:

Setting up essential flows.

Using A/B testing to optimize performance.

Cleaning their list of all free riders.

Advancing flows to convert 1+ customers to repeat.

Ramping up personalization.

Bringing in the additional revenue stream of SMS.

The Results

This signature combo of enhanced email marketing, SEO optimization, and SMS marketing boosted their ROI from 2% to 46%.


Average % revenue from flows


Average open rate


Average click rate


Average $ per recipient

Copy for Emails

We helped them establish optimized email campaigns, leading to an increase in revenue worth 29%. (from email alone– we’re also assisting them with SMS Marketing and SEO Optimization).

Here’s what the CEO has to say