Email and SMS Marketing for Health & Beauty brands

WeClick Group is your one-stop retention marketing agency for Health & Beauty brands. Industry experts that help you cut customer churn, scale your brand, and make. More. SALES.

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The Key to a Profitable Brand:
Returning Customers.

Research shows a 5% increase in customer retention can result in a 25% - 95% increase in profits for your health & beauty brand. Here’s why...


Save Money

Customer acquisition costs continually rise. Retaining customers is seven times less expensive than acquiring them.


Create Brand Equity

Retention will allow you to create brand equity and command a higher valuation. Whether your plan is to be acquired, merge or obtain funding for growth, this is a crucial pillar.


Increase LTV

Every customer you acquire will become more valuable, stretching your paid ads budget and making more sense of your spend.

What Makes This So Effective?

Sending relevant, transparent messages through various channels with a personalized approach.

This results in a superior customer experience.

This leads to the development of a beloved brand that keeps customers coming back for more.

That’s how we show you the money!

Our Secret Weapon?
Elevate LTV for Health & Beauty

Our program, Elevate LTV for Health & Beauty, is your one-stop solution to the digital marketing trifecta. It’s been tried and tested to:


Generate revenue on demand


Reduce customer churn


Increase profitability

The Results

Our campaigns constantly outperform industry benchmarks. Here are some results we got for our clients using our proven system.


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